The Challenge

So, I’ve been wanting to make a blog for a very long time now, and now that I have, I’m not finding myself using it very much. The whole goal in doing this is that I wanted to try to write at least once a day just to kind of chronicle my own life (as boring as it may seem at times). I want to talk about my day, how I’m feeling, random thoughts that I have, post photos of things I come across in my daily travels, or even post something like a song that I may be enjoying at the time.

With all of that said, this is only my second post since I put this site up a little over a week ago. Go figure. So I’m setting a challenge for myself, since I saw this actually worked quite well with someone else I know. I’m going to post at least once a day for the next month. Now, since October is almost over, I’ll probably go until the end of November. I need to do something with this since I’m actually paying to have it hosted for me each month. Yeah, I know. I’m a nerd like that.

At any rate, my last break is almost over at work, but I’ll be out around 10. So expect to hear from me around then. I have so many exciting things to talk about from today and the past week.

Today is the first day in a long string of more days to come.

I haven’t been at this point in a very long time, and to be quite honest, I’m scared as fuck. After 1 year, 6 months, and 2 weeks, I’m single again. The possibilities are endless. I could go anywhere, do anything, at any time. I can’t move. The fact that the entire world is open to me instead of being restricted to where one person is is suffocating.

But I can’t be afraid. I have all of the support in the world. All of my friends will be behind me no matter what decisions I make. And if I’m lucky enough, some of them might even be by my side.